Cosber Industrial | KMX-350Q For Motorcycle & Bajai Tester

Alat Uji Rem Untuk Bajai

The Cosber model of KMX-350 Ultimate Roller Brake Testers, special for countries with mixed vehicles, like Three Wheelers - Cars (Taxiís) - Quads - Light Goods Vehicles and Motor Cycles.

Available just as Roller Brake Tester only, or as combination with Side Slip Tester and Suspension / Road Contact Tester.

The computer will analyze the signal and display the inspection result on the Monitor/ Display Board. The combination unit is available as part of our COSBER Fully Integrated Vehicle Test Lane Concept and all the pass / fail criteria are handled by the COSBER Test Lane Computer. In case of multiple Lane Stations we make use of a COSBER Station Server.

KMFH-350 and KMX-350Q Tester (All in One) is designed specially to inspect the Brake performance and Axle load of Motorcycle. Combined with the KMDW-350 Wheel Locator, it inspects as well the Speedometer and Wheel Alignment data of motorcycle. It is advanced equipment for Motorcycle safely inspection center and for the large use of Motorcycle repair industry.


Alat Uji Sepedamotor dan Bajai
  • Selection of Automatic or Semi-automatic function mode
  • Special mechanic structure suitable for both two-wheel and three-wheel motorcycle
  • All-in-one computer control station for multifunction menu
  • Optimal control system with great reliability and durability
  • High-precision sensor ensures the exactitude result
  • Rollers with Corundum fusion technique for high adhesion
  • Standard RS-232 interface connection
  • Display indicator
Description KMX-350Q (All In One) PN:5802001
Max. Axle Load (kg) 350
Measuring ranges (N) 0-350
Brake Force (N) 0-3000
Measurement Speed (km/h) 0-80
Sideslip Measurement (mm) +/- 15
Brake motor power (kW) 1.1 x 2
Speed motor power (kW) 4
Motor Type Variable speed
Equipment Dimensions (mm) 6170 x 1800 x 390
Equipment Weight (kg) 1790
Air Supply (MPa) 0.5-0.6
Power Supply AC 380V, 50Hz, ground