Autotest Battery Analyser

The AutoStop® Battery Analyzer is a portable, easy to use battery analysis tool designed for automotive service, fleet maintenance and breakdown assist diagnostic use.

The Battery Analyzer evaluates battery health and performance in a quick and effective manner enabling the identi?cation and replacement of failing batteries before they actually fail.

The Battery Analyzer has four handy test functions including battery test (battery health), charging system test, start system test and maximum load test. The operator is able to print a report of the battery test, including the date and time, as a permanent record of the test results.

Autotest Battery Analyser

4 Test Functions:

  • Battery Test
  • Charging System Test
  • Start System Test
  • Maximum Load Test.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Gives a complete view of battery health
  • Alerts you to replace sub - standard batteries before they fail.

General Features:

  • Suitable for 12V single battery or 12V battery charging system tests
  • Enables assessment of voltage during engine start or while engine operating
  • Automatic battery temperature compensation
  • Large LCD screen for displaying results
  • Integral printer enables easy printing of test results
  • Integral clock enables time stamping of printed results
  • Durable construction for product longevity
  • Complete with shock resistant mobile carry case.