Autostop MicroPlus

The AutoStop® MicroPlus Brake Meter is a compact, low cost, battery powered brake performance tester that measures tri-axial deceleration of any type of vehicle or motorcycle.

  • Measures forward deceleration, speed, and stopping distance
  • Compact light weight design
  • Easy to use with simple three button operation
  • 24 month calibration interval
  • Compatible with remote AutoTest IrDA Thermal Printer.

3 easy testing steps with AutoStop™ Micro Plus:

  • STEP 1: Attach Micro Plus to the dashboard, centre console or passenger seat so that the buttons and screen are clearly visible
  • STEP 2: Turn on Micro Plus, accelerate the vehicle to the desired test speed and apply the brakes until the vehicle is stationary
  • STEP 3: After the vehicle has come to a stop, Micro Plus evaluates and displays forward deceleration, speed and stopping distance
Can be integreating with Autotest Gas

Optional Accessories:

  • Accelerometer sensor pick-up
  • Inductive pick-up and cable assembly
  • Opacity test software for PC interface
  • RS232 to USB Adaptor

Features for PC based operation:

  • PC software allows for the photograph of vehicle number plate with unique job ID in colour printout