Model Of Emission Type PC Gas Analyser

Autocheck PC GAS 4/5 is a portable automobile exhaust gas analyzer that uses single beam, non dispersive infrared (NDIR) determine CO, CO2 and HC concentration, O2 and NOx are deteted by electrochemical sensors.

Autocheck PC GAS 4/5 also calculates LAMBDA and AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) and exceeds the performance requirements of ASM/BAR 97 and OIML Class 1&0. And we actuated Gasoline Engine RPM/Temperature meter of RPM by Accu and Oil engine.

PC Type Gas 4/5 Features:

  • Heavy duty and high accuracy analyzer.
  • Reads continuous measurements either in service garage or in vehicle under load.
  • Fast Warm-up time (less than 60sec)
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Self diagnostic
  • Fast response time
  • Available in 4 or 5 gas configuration
  • NOx sensor (option)
  • RS232 serial communication port
  • RPM & Oil Temp Kits (option)
  • Deluxe, rudgger and stable trolley (option)
  • Software & cable for integration (option)
  • PC or Notebook (option)
  • Perfect water stop system
  • Software and PC Support of Emission PC Type
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